About Us

We help companies do more with less.
As CRM Consultants, we design, implement, train and support both Act! and SageCRM systems. We implement systems that are customized to the specific needs of our customers and their business. The solutions we deliver are not just implemented, but used, and become critical to the success of our customers. Our role in a CRM implementation is to help our clients "do it right the first time" and "hit the ground running" so they quickly get a return on investment from their project. We have also developed accounting links for Act! to integrate it with your accounting software to make businesses more efficient. Companies that have separate Act! and Accounting databases deal with inefficiency and redundant work on a daily basis. Our Quickbooks Link for Act! is called QSalesData (www.qsalesdata.com). Our Sage50 Link for Act! is called S50SalesData (www.s50salesdata.com).

Our Staff

Don Grubor

Act! and SageCRM certified consultant. Don has been helping business implement customized CRM solutions since 2000. He is our president, and primary designer of the systems we build.

Jeff Bonell

Jeff is an Act! certified consultant and handles most of our implementation and troubleshooting work. He also supports our SageCRM systems.

Nick Bohne

Nick is our developer. He writes the code for our accounting link products and also does custom programming projects for our CRM systems.

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