Enhance your SageCRM System - Greater return from your CRM Investment

Effective Solutions can implement the following customizations to your SageCRM system to help you get the most from your implementation and make your users more productive.

Quick Map Link on the Address Screen
We can add a quick link to the address section of CRM to all users to quickly pull up the address on a map. Click Here to see an example of this functionality.

Advanced Mapping/Routing Addon

Would you benefit from seeing customers and prospects plotted on a map? Do your salespeople need to schedule route visits and see what other customers/prospects are in the same area as a scheduled appointment? There is an advanced mapping and routing solution for SageCRM that may be a good fit for your organization. Click Here to get more information.

Display Sales Activity and Past Due Balance fields in CRM

Does it make sense for your CRM users to be able to quickly see YTD and Previous Year Sales Totals on the Company screen in CRM? How about Past Due Balance information so they don't sell more to a customer that has a past due balance? You may also want to use the Last Activity Date to market to customers that haven't ordered in 6 months. Effective Solutions can implement scripts on your SageCRM system to automatically import sales and past due balance information into SageCRM on a regular basis. Click Here to view an example.

Display Sales Orders in SageCRM

Would your users benefit from having an Orders tab on the Company record in SageCRM when they can quickly see a list of Sales Orders and click on any order to see the line items? We can make this happen. Click Here to view an example.

Display Invoices in SageCRM

Just like the Sales Order example above, we can also pull in invoice information from MAS and make it readily available for your SageCRM users.

Display and Search Items Purchased in SageCRM

Effective Solutions can add an Items Purchased tab to the Company Record in SageCRM that lets your users quickly see a list of Items Purchased by that customer and can click through to see when they were purchased and specific pricing for each purchase. We can also give you the ability to search on that data so you can pull up all customers that purchased a particular product for upsell/cross sell purposes.

Filter out image files from Documents Tab
If you use the Documents tab in SageCRM you will quickly notice that it gets garbaged up with image files from the signatures of attached emails. Effective Solutions has come up with a way to filter out those image files so they get removed from the Documents tab listing. Click Here to see an example.

Setup On-screen Alerts and Email Notifications

Would it make sense to have an alert pop-up on the screen if the company in CRM has a past due balance or is on credit hold? How about an email notification if a prospect becomes a customer, or an opportunity over $10k is Won? Effective Solutions can setup and configure these alerts and notifications for you. You just need to let us know what makes sense for your organization.

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