SageCRM Mid-Market CRM Solution

SageCRM Product Overview Datasheet

Sage CRM is Web Based and runs on your Server

SageCRM is available anywhere you can get an Internet Connection. No need to install and maintain client software on each machine, or deal with synchronization issues. SageCRM runs through your local Internet Browser session (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Because you can run SageCRM on your own server, you can avoid the high monthly fees that other subscription based CRM packages require.

Includes "out-of-the-box" integration with Sage100/MAS Accounting Systems

Customer account updates are synchronized automatically between systems, CRM users can create Sage100/MAS quotes and orders from within CRM, and we can create custom scripting and integration to pull key data like YTD Sales and Last Activity Date and also Quote and Order data from MAS into CRM for use by marketing, and inside and outside sales groups.
Examples of SageCRM Custom Integration Components with Sage 100 / MAS

With CRM you get a Central Sales and Marketing Database

Pull up any lead, prospect, customer, or business contact in SageCRM and know who communicated with them last and what was said. Track key activities and run activity reports to monitor and measure sales activities for CRM users.
SageCRM Sales Team Datasheet

Sales Opportunity Tracking System with workflows.

SageCRM includes a Sales Opportunities module built into it. You can track open opportunities, forecast sales, and monitor your sales wins and losses. SageCRM even takes it a step further and allows you to create workflow processes for your sales opportunities. These workflows guide your CRM users through the process, and can include fields automatically updated, as well as email alerts and notifications. SageCRM also includes a robust Dashboard module that gives uses quick access to their key information.
Sample SageCRM Opportunity Workflow Process

Case Management/Service Tracking system with workflows.

You can create and manage your customer service issues using Cases in SageCRM. Cases are associated with Company and person records in CRM, so your CRM users will also be able to quickly review recent issues for a particular customer. You also have the ability to attach emails and files/pictures to cases. Custom workflows can be created for your case process.
SageCRM Customer Service Datasheet

Sample SageCRM Case Workflow Process

Advanced Workflow Functionality
SageCRM gives you the ability to take processes that may now be manual and paper based in your organization, and create an electronic workflow to control and manage that proces. The workflow guides the users through the appropriate steps and can send notifications and reminders at the appropriate time.
Workflow Overview Video

Exchange and Outlook Integration

You have the option of setting up a server or client based synchronization of your Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasklists with SageCRM. Also included is an Outlook plugin that lets you attach emails from Outlook to SageCRM.

Email Marketing Built into SageCRM
SageCRM has a built in Email Marketing solution that integrates with Swiftpage. So you can create groups and look-ups on SageCRM and send email blasts directly from your SageCRM database. No need to export lists from CRM to import into another system. The email marketing functionality also lets you track who opened your emails and what they clicked on.
SageCRM Email Marketing Datasheet

Mobile access to SageCRM

Your sales team can access SageCRM directly from their smartphone or tablet device.
SageCRM for iphone video
SageCRM for ipad/tablet

Version Release Notes - What's New Docs

SageCRM Version 7.3
SageCRM Version 7.2

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