GET MORE FROM YOUR SAGECRM SYSTEM - Implement Effective Solutions Enhancement Items

Effective Solutions has been performing SageCRM installations for Sage 100 Customers for over 10 years now and we are excited to offer our most popular enhancements as individual package options for you to choose from. Review each of the enhancement items below, and let us know if you would like to implement any of these in your SageCRM system to add efficiencies for your CRM users.


Quick Communication Buttons
If you have repetitive communications that you are expecting your SageCRM users to enter into the system, this is the enhancement for you. Effective Solutions can implement buttons in SageCRM that allow your users to create a communication entry in 2 clicks! Click Here to Find Out More

MyCRM > Activity Report
This a great solution for managers that want a quick way to see what is happening with their sales force at any given time. We add a custom tab to your MyCRM section called Activity Report. When you click on the tab it displays all of the communications entered into SageCRM in the last week, with the most recent entries at the top. You can use search boxes to quickly filter and search for data within the communications entries. Click Here to Find Out More

Display the contents of Attached Emails as text for easy accessibility and enhanced reporting
If you attach emails to your SageCRM system, this is the enhancement for you. The challenge with attached emails is the body of the email is stored in HTML format in CRM, so the message contents don't display on reports or in the communications list view. Effective Solutions has developed scripts to convert the first 400 characters of the email from HTML to text and write it to the communication details so that the body of the email message will display on reports and the communications list. Click Here to find out more

Track Last Communication Date in SageCRM - make sure you are staying in touch with your Customers and Prospects
One of the biggest challenges for sales organizations is making sure they touch base with their customers on a regular basis. The base SageCRM system that we provide you includes a system for tracking the Last Communication Date and it will flag accounts that haven't been contacted in 30, 60 or 90 days so you can take action on those accounts. You can then use those fields in lookups, groups, reports and best of all, dashboard gadgets. Click Here to see overview doc
Video Overview of this Functionality

Dashboards at the Sales Rep and Manager Level
One of the most productive features of SageCRM are the Interactive Dashboards. We can help you build custom dashboards in your SageCRM system so that users have a quick way to access their key information in CRM.
Video Overview of this Functionality


Advanced Customization Package for Sage 100
Most of our SageCRM customers that are integrated already have this package in place, and they are loving it!
The out-of-the-box integration between SageCRM and Sage 100 gives you some nice functionality, but it doesn't give you all of the sales and purchase information you need. Our Advanced Customization packages gives you key sales fields (YTD Sales, Last Invoice Date, Past Due Balances, etc.) on the company record, and well as visibility to Sage100 Quotes, Open Orders, Invoices and Item level purchase history. This is all visible in SageCRM without needing to login to Sage 100. Click Here to Find Out More

Add Shipping/Tracking Numbers to Invoice Data in CRM
Does your company ship goods via UPS or FEDEX? Would your CRM users benefit from being able to see the Tracking Number info on transactions in CRM? If you have our Advanced Customization package in place in your CRM system, you can view Invoice transactions on a customer record. We can implement additional scripts to make Tracking Number information available when reviewing those invoices. Click Here to Find Out More

Add Open Balance amounts to Invoice Data in CRM
Do your CRM users help in your collection efforts? Should they? Adding Open Balance amounts to your Invoice transactions in SageCRM gives your CRM users the information they need to help with collections when they are on the phone with a customer. Click Here to Find Out More

MyCRM > My Open Orders and My Invoices tabs for your CRM Salespeople
The My Open Orders tab gives your CRM users the ability to quickly see a list of their Sage 100 Open Orders within the SageCRM system. The My Invoices tab gives your CRM users the ability to see all of their Invoices over the last 30 days so they can review purchases that were made by their accounts. Click Here to Find Out More

Search Customers by Items Purchased
Effective Solutions has come up with a solution to allow your CRM users to lookup customers by what item codes or product lines they have purchased.  We build custom tables and views in SageCRM to allow you to search and display the ItemCode and ProductLine data. You can then use the results to perform target marketing or executive sales campaigns. Click Here to Find Out More 

MYCRM > Monthly Sales Rankings Report tab
Effective Solutions implements a Monthly Sales Rankings tab under the MyCRM section in SageCRM.  This lets your managers and authorized users quickly see the progress of sales by sales people. Click Here to Find Out More

Custom Sales Report Available from the MYCRM section of SageCRM
We can build custom sales reports right into SageCRM for you to quickly access from the MyCRM menu. Here are some examples of sales reports that we can implement in CRM for you:
Customer Sales Report
Sales by SalesRep Report
Company-Wide Items Sold Report
Company-Wide Product Lines Sold Report



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