Effective Solutions Base SageCRM Package for Sage 100 Customers

Effective Solutions has been performing SageCRM installations for Sage 100 Customers for over 5 years now and we are excited to announce our SageCRM Base Install Package for Sage 100 Customers. We have taken the efficiencies and processes that we have built for other SageCRM customers over the years and included them in an incredible out-of-the-box package that will make your organization more productive and efficient.

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Here are the key highlights of what we include with our Base Package for Sage 100 Customers:

Key Sales Information from Sage 100 lives in SageCRM
When you pull up a customer record in SageCRM, you have immediate access to all of the key sales information from Sage100. That includes information like Last Invoice Date, YTD Sales, Past Due Balance fields, Sales Order and Invoice lists as well as Items Purchased lists.
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Perform Strategic Searches in SageCRM

SageCRM has Find Screens that let you perform quick searches within your SageCRM database. Having the additional Sage 100 sales fields gives you the ability to perform strategic searches. For example, use the Last Invoice Date to lookup customers that haven't purchased from you in 6 months. You can use the YTD B(W) field to lookup all customers that are behind in sales this year compared to last year.
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Store important communications on Customer and Prospect Records

One of the key features of every CRM system is the ability to store communications when you have important communications or emails with your customers and prospects. SageCRM has a facility to quickly store conversations, and an Outlook Plugin is utilized to attach emails directly from Outlook to SageCRM.
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A system to make sure you are staying in touch with your Customers and Prospects

One of the biggest challenges for sales organizations is making sure they touch base with their customers on a regular basis. The base SageCRM system that we provide you includes a system for tracking the Last Communication Date and it will flag accounts that haven't been contacted in 30 days and 60 days so you can take action on those accounts. You can then use those fields in lookups, groups, reports and best of all, dashboard gadgets.
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Pre-Built Dashboards at the Sales Rep and Manager Level
One of the most productive features of SageCRM are the Interactive Dashboards. We include 2 pre-configured dashboards with your base SageCRM system.
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Training Sessions for Administrators and End-Users
After installing and configuring your SageCRM system, we provide a 3-hour End-User training session and a 2-hour Report and Administrator training to get you up and running with your new SageCRM system. Both training sessions are recorded and copies of the videos are provided to your and your team for replay.


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